Image Galleries

Image galleries have been added for each individual character! Of course right now pretty crappy old art is what’s being displayed, but with the galleries set in place, I’ll simply have to update some images once I get new ones!

Other than that, the “Book of Conjury” link has been added. The elemental and magical proficiencies of tIS will be listed there, along with some pretty pictures and in-depth descriptions.

Art Preview: The Arbiter

I’ll be using these news updates to provide previews for art and ideas relevant to the GN. Enjoy!

Art Preview: “The Arbiter.”

The Arbiter

A mysterious figure who is never mentioned in popular mythology. Apparently, this powerful entity is the true decision maker behind the life and death of mortals.

Site in Progress

Hello, all! The site is currently a work in progress in VERY early development stages. Pretty much none of the colors or images are finalized, I’m simply trying to get the place organized first!

Either way, enjoy what’s up, and be sure to check back soon!