Book of Conjury

Elemental “Conjury”

Many individuals of all races and forms are capable of conjuring and manipulate the elements. These individuals are thought to be direct decedents of the original Shapers of the universe, according to Aertinum mythology. Many other groups consider those gifted with the capacity to control an element to be prophets, sorcerers (benevolent or malevolent), or those blessed by the gods.


Air • Water


Nature • Cold


Heat • Electricity


Mental • Stone


Light Space

4 thoughts on “Book of Conjury

  1. Nice to see these being updated. When you say order of rarity, do you mean most common to most rare, or vice versa?

    • Good question. It’s common to rare. I should specify, so I’ll do that right now. I do specify in the actual descriptions if you click on the respective images/links, but I’ll make it more apparent here.

      Thanks for the heads up!

    • There is actually no hybrid mask. The masks are limited to pure elementals, and there are actually still more “elements” in the graphic novel apart from the ones listed here. They’re simply more minor, or don’t quite count among this “purer” group.

      I’d be more detailed but, spoilers 😛

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