About the Graphic Novel:

“Legend has it that small fragments of Death’s original element still exist scattered across the universe. If you recover one, Death will be at your mercy. A man need not fear death if Death fears him.” – Captain A. Moros


There’s a tale passed down in popular mythology that tells of an artifact left by Death himself in the mortal realm. If a mortal were able to harness this artifact, they’d be able to use it as a bargaining tool to obtain immunity from Death. This artifact is referred to by believers as the Shard of Immortality. Many have (ironically) dedicated their lives to tracking down the artifact, and as with most myths, no one has succeeded. This has not, however, stopped those left with the dedication, foolishness, and strive for adventure from continuing to seek it.

The graphic novel follows the adventures of Zander, Alvar, Eris, and Moros as they traverse the land and sea in search of this shard, discovering far more than what was ever told in myth along the way.


About the Site:

This site aims to provide detailed information regarding the world constructed for The Immortal’s Shard beyond the limitations of the graphic novel itself. Additionally, the site is the official “hub” for the graphic novel itself. Although the graphic novel is currently a work in progress, the site plans to be regularly updated with new pages. The time frame between page uploads has yet to be determined.

Be cautious: This site may (actually, will) contain spoilers!



Special Thanks:

Special thanks to those individuals who have helped me (and continue to help me) in seeing The Immortal’s Shard through.

Notable thanks to the WMB forum community, who have been both supportive, and have helped advertise, in addition to allowing me to bounce even the silliest of ideas off of them.

Another huge thanks to my family, especially my brother, Karel Felipe, who has likewise been very supportive since the very start, helping keep me motivated even in down times.

Finally, another huge thanks to my best friend, Ashly Streator, for likewise being there since the beginning, offering advice for both art and writing. She is an amazing artist, and an even more amazing person, who also happens to be working on a graphic novel of her own. If you don’t follow it, ya damn well should!  (More details to come and stuff.)

There are too many people who have helped me in some form to list here, but I still extend my thanks to whoever may have been left out. Thanks again, everyone, and I’ll be doing my best to not disappoint!


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  1. Heeeyy, it’s me! Good job on getting this started!
    Lookin’ forward to watching your project grow, it’s gonna be awesome.
    *dances erratically around your site*

    • Hey there! Thanks a ton!

      (Oh cool, I can reply to comments through the admin panel! Super neato.)

      I’ve never used WordPress before so I’m getting used to all of this. I’ve made websites before but through Dreamweaver and honestly not very well… so I have much to learn, but WP is really flexible. So far it hasn’t been too bad :3

  2. Well I finally got on here and even though the information sections aren’t complete, it’s really looking promising! When I noticed the character poll I was constantly thinking “I’ll go with this character…or maybe this one…or the next one” because it’s honestly kind of hard for me to choose! I’ll really be looking forward to it now!

    • Awesome! Thanks so much for the comment, and for checking out the site… I know I kinda whined about people not hopping on but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate you taking the time to actually come and look. ^^ I’m thrilled to hear all of the characters sound appealing, too – I did the best I could with that through their new profiles!

      Believe me, this site is going to have a ton more information on it than what the forums house right now. This site isn’t just going to house the graphic novel itself, after all. I’m trying to go really in-depth.

  3. I’ve never followed any Graphic Novels or Comics before as I’ve never had any particular interest for the media, and I wasn’t really that interested in this either to be honest. I did have a look at these bios though, and I’ve actually gotten kind of excited to see what you do with them. It does seem like you have put a hell of a lot of effort into writing these characters out and I’m intrigued to see how you continue to craft the universe itself of which this novel plays out in.

    Best of lucking in continuing in this project and I hope you get the recognition you deserve for it. ^^

    • I really appreciate the time you’ve put into checking all of this out considering you’re not particularly interested in graphic novels, honestly. The fact that this intrigues you considering that is serious encouragement!

      I hope you do get interested enough in it to read it as it goes, but even if not, the support you’ve shown so far is worthy of many thanks!

  4. I just found out about your vast story here… I love this kind of stuff and I’m honored to know someone with such skill. Even with my poor spelling and grammar I love to write as well. My genre is science fiction and statistics and historical.

    I listed my “Galaxiki” page for you to view.

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