Site Updates

Hello! There have been some pretty major changes to the site! Firstly, the Race list has been updated. Secondly, perhaps more obviously, the site banner has been updated with the new logo! Thirdly, the Archives page has been updated, and the Prologue page has also been updated. The cover art has been updated to include the new logo, and now when the cover art in the Prologue page is clicked on, the Prologue will open as a PDF!

Happy reading!

New Info Added

Hey, guys! Wanted to let you know that some minor information has been updated for the site. The following has been updated:


-Added Bastion and Tinderfel as regional names.

-Added Kumei-Seron (The Whispering Woods) as a location name.

-Changed the name West Bastion to East Bastion to better reflect its regional location within Bastion.



Added the Aetivan, Merei, and Eltivan races, and updated their profiles.



-Changed Alvar’s Hometown from West Bastion to East Bastion.

-Added Eris’ hometown as Brookwynd outskirts.

-Added Eris’ racial name as half-Human and half-Aetivan.

-Added Ed’s racial name as Aetivan.